Thursday, March 29, 2007

Uncle Sam and Pol Pot Connection

Before you proceed on forward, please be aware that Cambodia is not the epic center of the universe. If you come here to compare informations to see whose informations are more credible than who then you're doom! Cambodia is not the only history in the world. To understand Cambodia one must study history on other countries where the US foreign policy is involved in facilitating dictatorship, death squad, mass murderer, civil war...etc. You will see an identical pattern emerging. This is the one thing that they can not deny and can't justify and blame on the victim.

It doesn't take much of information to make a connection that leads to a bigger picture. You don't need to get squandered in an endless of disinformation and confusion. The bombing dismantled Cambodia, enraged, shocked and traumatized ordinary Khmer people to join Pol Pot. Once they captured Phnom Penh, Pol Pot does what his master (the imperialist USA) ordered him to do. Can you explain the reason behind Pol Pot diabolical and technique of killing and torturing. I have spoken to people about how he ordered the torturing like pulling people finger nails and wariest cruel punishment. The US condemned the Viet for pushing Pol Pot into exile. Moreover, they sent CIA and MI6 on a clandestine mission to keep the cycle of violence going. Plus, with the US consensus, Khmer Rough regime was recognized, accepted and given a United Nation seat. By these evident, we can deduce that the bombing is designed and engineered to assist Pol Pot and help him recruit more fighters. Blaming Pol Pot is like blaming a group of soldiers for the Abu Ghraib rape, torture, inhumane and the sickest detainees abuse scandal. If you can not accept this and have a basic understanding of how things operated, then your life is just a subservience to the dark force elites that pulling the string behind the curtain.

"The bombing paved the way for Pol Pot"- John Pilger
"so that we can achieve a better result."-Unknown US official
"until I read the Taylor-Kiernan revelations on the US bombing of Cambodia, I had no idea of the shocking orders that Kissinger transmitted"- Noam Chomsky

The "secret" bombing of Cambodia started as early as 1965. Periodically and systematically bombs are dropped leading up to the 1970 B52 carpet bombing. Imagine a tiny Country like Cambodia being carpet bombed. The bombing of Cambodia exceeded those that were dropped in world war II and the yield factor was equivalent to the atomic bomb dropped in Hiroshima. Cambodia was used as a "side show" and a "fail-safe" mechanism to the genocidal war in Vietnam. human being are susceptible to manipulation under fear, trauma and shock. ..etc. Remember 9/11! They made sure that it ingrained inside people mind by showing the airplane slamming into those two towers over and over again. They are willing to do anything an exchange for safety even surrendering their right and freedom and accepting the patriot act and military commission act.

Leo Strauss, a neoconservative philosopher said that people are too wicked and they need to be controlled. He said that people individuality and differences will lead to conflict of interests. He believed in creating an illusion and myth of American exceptionalism. America, the forces of good fighting against evil around the world. His his favorite TV characters are people like Perry Mason and Gun Smoke.

I highly recommend for all of you to watch, read and listen on the subject matter pertaining to mind control. I have gather a small amount of videos, written essays related to mind control. You can look at my blogger or go to google search and video search to find more of the related topic. You can also search for MK Ultra. This is the main code name and there are many more just like it.

To understand the surrection of Pol Pot and Khmer Rouges, one has to understand the history of Cambodia and colonialism. Way before European colonialization, Siam (Thailand) was occupying Cambodia, followed by the French then Japan in World War II. Then the French reclaimed it colonial right after Japan surrendered. It’s very important to know that the French has played a very important role in disrupting South East Asia independent struggle. What appeared to be a war of ideologist (communist Vs democracy) it’s actually a war of colonial power. The US backed the French with military aids. When the French backed out, the US took over the war! Thus the war leads to the Gulf of Tonka and the three decades of war. When the war was at it last phase, Cambodia and Laos were dragged in it. What the US couldn’t accomplish in Laos, they accomplished in Cambodia. Cambodia was invaded in 1970. They found a general name Lon Nol who over threw the King. Thus this set another stage of war! The King organized a rebel, leading by Pol Pot, to counter the US poppet. By doing so, “checked mate” is established. Pol Pot and Khmer Rough has become a wild card. The Chinese saw what to be a worthy causes and supported the King and Pol Pot. They supply them with aids. However, some time during the war, Pol Pot turned against the Chinese, the King and the Vietnamese. Pol Pot and Khmer Rough were attacking the Vietnamese! Then it happened! The carpet bombing of 1975. This bombing fueled the rage and anger among ordinary Khmer to take matter into their own hands. So thinking were not a choice. With Khmer Rough numbers in the thousands, they were able to over come the central government (Lon Nol) and captured Phnom Penh. Here is another strange part. When Pol Pot and Khmer Rough captured Phnom Penh, Pol Pot made a public announcement to the Phnom Penh dwellers that the American will carpet bombs Phnom Penh next. He advised them to evacuate Phnom Penh and seek shelter far away in the farm/rice field. People are not that stupid enough to be rounded out like herd into a field and gradually work hard labor and killed. However, they believed him. Did he told the truth? I think he did. Only him and his top official knew the truth.

Sometimes you have to destroy what you love the most to save it! You have to be part of the illusion! You have to be the evil, bad and demon guys…

Khmer Rough spawned out of the Vietnam war as a proxy militia army that was used to fight the Vietnamese at some points. They have been transformed from peasant farmers into a bunch banded renegades with Pol Pot in charge. They are induced into taking action. Once the killing machine starts, it's can't be stopped. People are frighten of war images. But that can be over come once the mind passed the mental threshold. And they capitalized on this as soon as Khmer Rough was driven into exile, near Thailand's border (article version by John Pilger) and video version called Cambodia, The Betrayal and Cambodia, Year Zero, both are directed and narrated by John Pilger. Cambodia could have been saved and Khmer Rough could have been dissolved and return to society. But immediately when they were pushed into exile, the US secretly sent out clandestine mission, supporting a counter revolution that resulted in 1.7 million death. This essential did Cambodia in along being cut off from the outside world for over a decade for political reason of displaying how evil communism is and why 5 million Vietnameses are worth killing. And why over 700,000 US service men and women are sent out to die! According to Pol Pot and his top men, they claimed that they did not know that there were that many death. Of course, they didn't. For all they know, they were being told by their master that they are doing a good job and the estimated death is around 500,000 when in actuality it's around a million in excess. This concept is used else where such as the Irag and Iran war and Operation desert storm where informations were being manipulated to get Arab nations to concur.

As always, it's important to look for pattern! Aerial bombing has been going on since world war II and the results are devastating. There isn't much difference nowadays except they are more "precise" "smart" and " guided" but they seem to always creating "collateral damages"-an unimaginable civilian casualties. Just look at what's going on in Irag and Afghan for instant. They said that the "intensive" bombing campaigns are intended for the "insurgent" and "Al Quaeda" hiding within civilians. They said the same thing about bombing the crap out of South Vietnam. The same script just a little modifications. Something to know about the US intelligence apparatus is that it's the best! They have a "total awareness" doctrine.
They said that the horrific bombing was intended for the "Hochi min's trail". The entire Vietnam country is filled of Viet Cong (North Vietnamese). Does this make sense yet? The war in Vietnam was already declared over and was brokered a cease fire in Paris with the genocidalist Henry Kissinger and a few Vietnamese leaders. To save Cambodia you have to destroy Cambodia! A general in the Vietnam was asked why May Lai was being destroy he said that May Lai has to be destroyed in order to save it! Gerald Ford, an ex president of the US, once asked what his thought of the support of Pinochet and neoliberal system and destruction of Chile. He replied that it was for the best interest for Chilean. Deputy Secretary of State Armitage warned Musharraf to comply (with the war on terror) or be declared a hostile power and "bombed back to the stone age." And Musharraf confirmed this while on a visit trip to the US on John Stewart's show. Madeleine Albright said that the sanction that killed over haft a million Iragi children" is worth it". George W Bush Jr said, "...hasty withdrawal from Iraq would trigger a bloodbath similar to that in southeast Asia", John McCain said that a withdrawal from Irag will result in "Genocide". In other words, a group of hired "imofascism" thugs will be unleased to terrorize, torture and killing million of Iragi civilians. If they refuse, carpet bomb them into compliant.

Take Irag for example, there are two distinctive ethnic groups known as Shiite and Sunni. Right now, they are in a bitter civil war courtesy of the "shock and awe" and blowing up mosques and blaming on opposing sectarian to ignite a civil war. Along with that, there is a popular uprising against the foreign occupations which they called "insurgent" and "Al Gaeda". Likewise is true with Iran. Altough Iran is more formidable than Irag. Also I look at most of the countries that have the US involvement and I found similar pattern.Friendly dictators seem to pop out of the blue!
In the past, during colonialism, it was obvious who were the perpetrators. They were directly wiping out civilization and annihilating (genocide) against the native. Then their justifications were spreading civilization, exceptionalism and expansionalism. Now a day, they have mastered the terrorism technique that it almost makes them invisible. They have the technology to alter people train of thought, their time and space. Take Yugoslovia for example, they precipitated the condition that leads to the balkanization of the country. Irag is on the same path. The Taliban, Al Gaeda and mahaajdeen were all found and funded by the pro democracy CIA. Once the war against the Soviet Union was over, they left the Taliban, a religious and fundamentalist group, in charge and the result speaks for itself.

Pol Pot confession was just as pathetic. It's more like a scripted confession. He destroyed Cambodia to save Cambodia from neighboring countries from absorbing Cambodia land. If you believe this then you are a believer of 16 Arab hijackers and the 9/11 comission report. You can always find the truth in a form of pattern. Because most time a criminal repeat the same crime over and over again until he is caught. But in this case, it doesn't matter if he gets caught. Even if there was a direct link, per say, Donald Rumfeld shaking Saddam's hand or a zoom up view of the "magic bullet" entering Kennedy head from the front and exit to the rear, it means nothing. Why? It's boiled down to physical power. Abuse of power. Power corrupt absolute power. Let's be realistic here. The winner makes history! The US never did lost the war. That is just a perception. They accomplished the obejective of turning back the time of south east Asia-the fear of the rise of Asia during the 60-70 along with their sick doctrines and myths. America is really proud of their freedom of stealing and terrorism.

If in fact the war on communism was universal then why is there still socialism in What about Cambodia being absorbed by Vietnamese and Thailand? Well, what do you expect from a failed state? Again, look at the big picture. Look at the condition that brought about the current situation. Blaming individual, social stagnation and corruption will only undermine Cambodia people. One should learn how to use logic, assess the situation, gather informations and ask questions. Understand what war goes to people and how it manifests into many factions.
The "American War" is what is known to the Vietnamese is a war of colonial conquest. Cambodia and Vietnam were colonized by the French. Even before the US intervention, the French created so much havoc with Vietnam and Cambodia for their self determination. With the "pro democracy" south Vietnam, the US was backing the French and prevented any chance of national Vietnamese integration. This would eventually leads to the Gulf of Tonken false flag and the 20 years war ensued, followed by the destruction of Laos and Cambodia. Right after the "failure" of the "American War", the US went on a covert war in Latin America. Though the casualties were smaller, the impact on those nations were similar

One shouldn't be lulled into acquiescence. Always question the true nature of the objective when there is military aggression involved. Try to think beyond reasonable of doubts. Whether it's communism or war on terror, ask yourself this-what does the liberator gains out of this? War against terror is another coined word just as war against communist. It wasn't really about communism. In fact, most countries were going through post colonialism, self rule and independent from outside influences. Vietnam and surrounding countries have good future prospect. As a result of the war, Vietnam can't even stand up for over three decades. Friendly dictator, mass murder and fascists always find it ways whenever the liberator goes. The war essentially left them incapacitated , "fail state" status and left the country in dismal with slave like labor forces for the IMF, world bank, TWO, NAFTA to exploit. A capitalist orgy dream come true.

Look beyond the PR machine pumping out propagandas. The war on terror is said to last about 50-100 years. In the process of fighting the so called "terrorism", countries will be divided in multiple autonomies. This is what they called Divide and conquer. While at it, indigenous natural resources (oil) are privitize and capitalized. And like Vietnam, the infamous triangle heroin (opium) ops, Afghan opium productions sky rocketed out of control! Moreover, Israel dominance in the region risen a thousand folds. World war III was against all of us, from South East to Central, Middle east, Africa to latin America. What is going on right now is world war IV in it premature stage. Attacking Iran will make it a full scale world war IV.

Sadam Hussein was brought to power via a coup that was backed by the CIA, ousting an elected democratic Iragi government. He was used to oppress his own people, keeping his country disorganize, instigated to attack Iran for it revolution against the puppet dictator Shah. He was also gave the go ahead green light to invade Kuwait. With the PNAC, they no longer need him. Do you see the pattern now? The US always find their guys. The war in Korea and Vietnam were sponsored by the US "pro democracy" dictatorship. Those wars were nationalist and anti colonialist movement. War creates poverty. Vietnam, north Korea and else where are alike. Jim Jong Ill II is what he is as a result of the war. The US sanction and economic manipulation created the condition of what it is today. There is no diplomatic negotitation; there is only strangulation. Not to mention the sanction imposed on Irag in the early 90s. They bombed water treated facility and other needed infrastructures. The sanction killed about a million Iragi and haft of that (500 thousands) are children. Top off with the no fly zone enforcement (cruise missile). Moreover, the current death toll in Iragi is around 2 millions. So that is total over 3 millions and going. Not just death, but the country is total wrecked. And this is courtesy of the "operation Iragi freedom".

· Is it King Sihonouk fault! Guess again…

A man has to make a choice in time of dire situation. You would have to make a decision too. They induce war and you can't just stand neutral in a moving train. His choices wasn't good, but what a person to do. Why blame him. Why not look at the bigger picture. Who induced and facilitated all this? The real culprit is still at large and still terrorizing the world today. The point is if there wasn't a Vietnam war, non of these would have exist...period. The victim is always at fault as I have learned from looking at the pattern.